26 septiembre 2015 at 10:32 pm (Personal)

On this day, I started my personal training, as every year, even during the summer, I have not left, running on the beach, but not with the intensity that stage, Autumn, Winter, given the very high temperatures we have suffered earthlings of this, our world, mainly due to Global Warming suffering Earth, she said and proven by scientists for years, but at the factories, everyone will sweat these notices, until we’re going to take by c … any day.
I said this presentation, my preparation is nothing that me about 15 Km twice a week, and when I step along the promenade I take a dip in the sea for a few minutes, I lightened the water with hands, I put on footwear and he continued the race until I get home.
It is true that now the sea is great, then in February .. a bit cooler, but in February, a little more. Leaving her, a lady asked me if I was cold … I answered, not lady, have separated the ice and is very good The lady put her hand on his face and said, Do not tell me !! … .ja.ja ..deporte-5
Comes this up, now being on the run, see how far you are in the bike lane, stopped a girl and two boys with bikes, drinking water, and before them, tell them … .¿ to see di guess my age ¿? ….. stare, and just after a few meters of them, tell me one other 50 48 years … !!! … then I say … through sport I will meet on 4 68 years …! … and hear … and a little withdrawn.! I can not believe me as going !! And the most exciting thing STARTED THREE applaud … .I have to say I’ve moved a lot, really.
It was not to get any medals, obviously, what I’ve accomplished is to send a message of life, if someone, like so many thousands of young people who play sports every day, take over the baton, better turn to “other paths full thorns and tears. “deprte-6
I have to admit that it is only a gesture, and a simple applause that I thank you from my heart. I will continue to “my way” until it can, then it will see Juan y Medio, sitting in an armchair, I think. Salu2


1 comentario

  1. Juan Cortes Uribe said,

    Muchas gracias Mina.- Me gusta mucho lo que escribes.- Salu2


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