23 septiembre 2015 at 8:46 pm (Personal)

Echoes the joy of our basketball team, and the Spaniards, few, compared to the French, who were in the hall, winning the European gold in Lille, France, with a flawless performance in all still hear paragraphs, from the coach Scariolo front and all technical equipment that accompanies these “Big tall and sporting greatness.”paris-4
It was a feat, wonderful, that hay seen in the distance, almost nine million Spaniards, and we also have realized the “bad blood” that we have the Frogs. As President of the Basketball Federation, José Luis Sáez, he says “in the world had been a disappointment and no reactions were recorded” this kind “against
Both the French media, Le Monde in front, Tv. And puppets, have unleashed the wrath of the doping of some of us, as they did with Indurain, Nadal, Contador, and in this case, Pau Gasol.
This is very long, when we invaded and wanted to keep all to force conquests of towns and cities, but the Spaniards, smarter than hunger, redundant, they beat them up a huge army of well-trained soldiers … .that still remember having very bad temper.
You have not been gentlemanly, with our guys, you have lost chivalry to millions of people around the world, you know … ..with lose than the Spaniards.


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  1. juancortes said,

    Muchas gracia Mina.- Salu2


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