SEVEN DEAD RALLY A Coruna. (Spain).-

6 septiembre 2015 at 11:30 pm (Denuncias)

Another terrible accident in the Rally of A Coruna, passing by Carral, for Peugeot 206 XS. This car came out of a previous curve, and for reasons unknown, got out, and ended up investing against the public number present there.
No escarmentamos. Civil Guard says that the security measures “were all in order.” If, as has been seen, ambulances, police, civil guard, civil defense, police and Municipal ¿?? WHAT SECURITY MEASURES REFERRED THE ENFORCEMENT OF STATE? …. MAYBE THAT MEANS WHITE AND RED TAPE QU poena RALLY IN ALL ???? …. IS THAT IS CALLED SECURITY MEASURES?ralli-2.
Well, you’re seeing that these measures are causing a lot of deaths each year. What Protection provides a plastic tape people .. ???? NO, gentlemen, make no mistake. If I go with my son to see a rally and I get behind that tape, I can not think it’s going to stop a car that comes to 140 km per hour. DADDYS should think, once and for all, who like many catch edge of the asphalt, because it is very “exciting”.ralli-3
This madness must end now. Or is removed ALL people over the mountain, O NO RALLY. Unreservedly, that’s what it is, if not, every year there will be dead. What no one mourn victims después.- By 7 there so far, I sentimo my sympathy. Salu2



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