4 septiembre 2015 at 11:02 pm (música)

The musicians, in capital letters: the soloists, choirs, quartets, the camera, the symphony orchestra, street, groups and orchestras enliven popular festivals in Spain, with a amazing voices and spectacular choreography.
A studio musicians and those who have their outdoor auditorium and have to fight the elements, sometimes, and others try to make that person in the first row street and wrap yourself in the chords that leave their instruments músicos-4.
And what about the public ¿?, Is often called “respectable” a term which, for me, has a negative charge by referring to the “fear” of artists to his relentless response. The symbiosis between musician and audience exists and, when achieved, is the pinnacle of beauty.
The music never leaves us indifferent, sometimes makes us dance, laugh, sing … .Other, causes us sadness, nostalgia, peace … I know .¡qué !. As if that were not enough, the same composition can we generated mixed feelings. We are in a society in which we hear more we hear and receive noise, believing it to music.músicos-6
We learn to value our musicians and Music.-
PD.- letter published by the newspaper El País José María A. Viz White Coruña and I found much deserved praise music and the musicians who struggle every day to make their talents and quality. It is for you señores.-



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