16 agosto 2015 at 12:34 pm (Tecnología y medicína)

MORE resources.- word, is a form of vital energy. It has been photographed with Positron Emission Tomography, like people who decided to talk to themselves in a more positive way, specifically people with psychiatric disorders, managed to physically reshape their brain structure precisely the circuits that generate them these diseases.
Can we change our brain with good words?
Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1906, said a tremendously powerful sentence, which at the time thought it was metaphorical. We now know that is literal.
“Every human being, if he tries, BE sculptor of his own brain.”
Sure you do not exaggerate ?. DO NOT. Depending on how we talk to ourselves, we shape our emotions change our perceptions. The transformation of the observer (us) alters the observed process. We see the world is, we see the world we are.mente-6
We talk about philosophy or science ?. The words alone, activated tonsil cores. You can enable, for example, the nuclei of fear that transform hormones and mental processes. Scientists at Harvard have shown that when a person is able to reduce the cacophony inside and enter the silence, migraines and coronary pain can be reduced by 80%.
What is the effect of unspoken words ?. We often confuse our views with the truth, and that is transmitted: Perception goes beyond reason. Albert Merhabián Studies, University of California (UCLA), 93% of the impact of a communication goes below Consciousness.
WHY WE CHANGE it IS HARD ?. Fear keeps us out of the comfort zone, we tend to the security of the known, and that attitude prevents us to make. To grow you have to leave that area. Most of the acts of our visa are governed by the unconscious. We react according to some automation that we have incorporated. We think it is the spontaneity, first there must be preparation, if not, there are only automatic. Every time I am more convinced of the power of the mind training.
Give me a track !. Change the habits of thought and train integrity honoring his own word. When we say, “I’ll do this,” and we do not physically alter the brain. The greatest potential is Consciousness. See what is and accept it. If we accept, so we are and what we are not, we can change.mente-7
What you resist persists. Acceptance is the core of the transformation. TRST = Trust. Kinness = Bondadd. HONESTY = Honesty. CARING = Care.
As Solomon said, “The heart is good medicine cheerful and makes the face is beautiful; Sad but espiritud dry bones. PROV: 17:22. Salu2

(Interview by the journalist of the newspaper La Vanguardia, Inma Sanchis, the doctor shook Alonso Puig, physician in General Surgery and Digestive member of the Harvard University Medical School of the New York Academy of Sciences of the American Association for the Advancement of the science)



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