14 agosto 2015 at 1:09 am (Personal)

Ikigai, is a term of Japanese origin, which has no exact translation into Spanish but is given a very special meaning. “HAVE A REASON TO LIVE”. It is a word used by the islanders when they want to refer … Okinawa. To that which makes life worthwhile, what makes us want every morning …… THE REASON FOR LIVING.
OKINAWA, is a place whose inhabitants are among the longest-lived in the world: live more than 100 years in good health and fully. Do you find, recognize and keep alive a Ikigai could be the key to the welfare and longevity (for anger and indignation of many governments, including the Japanese, who want us to retire coinciding with the death and pay are savedIkigai-4
The Ikigai, usually accompanied by a number of habits that allow more and better enjoy life. Knowing the special meaning of our lives is something very). deep. People with depression tend to have no answer to the question, “What is your reason for getting up every morning.”
Someone who knows his Ikigai, is better prepared to weather the vicissitudes of life. According to the Japanese, we all have a Ikigai, to discover, and is committed to the search so full of satisfaction and meaning to our lives. What is your reason for living? … Do not you think of anything ¿?. If so, do not despair. There are many people who repeat this question, do not know that answer …
You have the possibility of seeking a response: You can begin to discover your Ikigai, exploring things you do and you produce pleasure, describing what you love, what you enjoy doing most. Find your Ikigai, it is to feel the joy of being alive, to realize your dreams. If you remain attentive-a, every day many different reasons for your existence worthwhile. YOU WILL BE ONE OF THEM …… Ikigai.Ikigai-3
For those who have gone through very difficult moments in a life. This is so born and desparecemos. Before this event around us every day, we must face it with resignation. It is very hard the loss of loved one. It is an empty, like a bottomless pit, and the more depth, more pain. There is comfort. Perhaps this philosophy of the Japanese, can give life, we lost, his memories, his love, his affection, which was imbued in us.



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