8 agosto 2015 at 1:07 pm (no me digas)

The person who sent me this information, is a computer technician who spends a lot of time erasing their customers and listen to their complaints about the slow speed of the equipment “junk mail”. Not all emails are bad, just some. This is what he wrote.
1) Whenever you read, “Send this message to ten people, or any other number, sign this petition, you will have bad luck, you will have good luck,” Something funny appear on the screen after you send “… etc ., you can assume that email has a Cookie, a “device containing data” that will track both your mail, and mail from people you send it.
2) The original author who sent that email, “is receiving a copy each time your mail is forwarded. These copies allow you to compile a list of “Post assets” (which you can send them) to send you Spam, themselves or sell these lists to those who send spam. Beware of messages that say they reenviéis if you are not ashamed of having faith in God, Jesus … etc. POST ARE trackers, and are blackmailing your consciousness. Do not be timid and do not let convince them what they want to get your email.
They also speak of children with incurable diseases. They are also crawlers.correos-4
3) This scam, like most such mails is a form of Tele-markets of large companies obtain and validate email addresses for personal gain. You think you’re supporting a good cause. “That is not true”. All you’re doing is getting tons of Spam in the immediate future, and are helping to send the mail to be ricos.-
4) And finally. When we call on the phone, to inadequate by foreign operators OPERATING hours 4 little words are pronounced. When the phone rings and identify who is a sales call to sell something, the immediate procedure is: A MOMENT PLEASE !! ….. and left-hook until you hear … BIP … .bip. BIP … .. and crashes.
5) Salu2



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