5 agosto 2015 at 1:32 am (Personal)

That could be another morning like any other. A person lower in the Metro New York, wearing jeans and shirt. He stands near the entrance … .saca box violin and starts playing with enthusiasm to the crowd that passes by in the “rush hour” of the day.
He played for 45 minutes, and was practically ignored by everyone who passed. Nobody knew that the musician was Joshua Bell, one of the best violinists in the world, consecrated running tracks, a rare instrument, a 1713 Stradivarius, estimated its value at more than $ 3 million.
Some days earlier, Bell had played in the Symfony Hall of Boston, where tickets cost $ 1,000. Experience in the Metro, videotaped, shows men and women to walk fast, coffee cup in hand and moving his ear … indifferent to the sound of the violin.
The initiative, conducted by The Washington Post, was to launch a debate on the value, Context and Art. The conclusion is that we are used to value things, when they are in a context. Bell in the Metro, was a work of art without molding. An artifact luxury without designer york-2
This is an example of so many things that happen in our lives that are unique, singular and do not give importance, because “do not come with the price tag.” In the end, what has real value for us, it’s what the market says we can have, feel, dress … or being.
Our feelings and our appreciation of beauty, are being manipulated by the market, media and institutions with financial power. Unfortunately we are only valuing what is the price tag.
Do not buy friendship, love, affection. Do not buy affection, dedication, hugs and kisses. The Sunshine or rain drops can not buy. Song whistling wind passing through the hollow trunk of a tree, is free.
The child running, spontaneously to us and our neck hangs … priceless.
The necklace makes around our neck with his arms, NOT FOR SALE, any jewelry and heat transmitting lasts the duration of our memories …… Salu2



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