14 julio 2015 at 6:47 pm (Denuncias)

Just a few days ago at a meeting of the Cabinet of Shinzo Abe, President of the Liberal and Democratic Party of Japan, with its government tried to how to right the country’s economy on the brink of recession, and accelerate the reconstruction of the areas devastated by the 2011 Tsunami.
Also advancing in the implementation of the Central Nuclear Fukushima nuclear accident affected by March 11, 2011, or as appropriate, dismantled and build a new one.
In that, as important ministerial meeting, responsible for finance, a certain Taro Aso, has left several pearls. One of them asks the elders of the country, whose population is 128.ooo.ooo million people, of which 70% are over 60 years, “to hurry on die, so in this way The State did not have to pay for your care. ”
It takes clear this type. They, the Japanese diet is rice and fish, and usually their longevity more than 100 years. Again, throughout history, it will again ask the nation to sacrifice in pursuit of their survival as a people and the hidden Emperor.
Japan invaded China from Manchuria, without notice, and then ended the American base at Pearl Harbor. As we know, it cost him to Japan, along this conflict, thousands dead.
Does this mean that the population is asked, through political, Taro Aso, there is no other, to save the nation, with this other sentence. Said, “that he is personally opposed to palliative care, I do not need that kind of attention”
“God forbid that you are forced to live, when they want to die. I would wake me feeling bad, knowing that everything (the treatment) is paid by the government. “JAPON4
Definitely it has his head round this guy, finance minister, or junk. After the great sacrifices it has asked the Japanese people throughout history, this guy, I can not think of anything else, to ask them to do the Harakiri.
We had never heard such a thing as this petition to the population. The President and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and the Emperor himself, should immediately remove Minister Taro Aso, and put it to work in the nuclear power Fukusima.
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