A different weekend ….

29 junio 2015 at 6:27 pm (Personal)

Intense weekend. Saturday starts the maneuver, attaching two caravans in a landmark place like The Fabriquilla in El Cabo de Gata, in the form of L. They are 5’45 afternoon, and trailers, we had refreshments and coffee.IMG_20150628_101759791
It is nearly evening, and although the sun has not gone away, it is already hovering The moon over the mountains of the Cape.
We continue our discussions several, and Sun languishes in the west, with an orange color, and you’re saying goodbye.
Night falls very slowly, and in the distance beyond the first lights of Almeria and diverse peoples, are on the horizon. We entered the phase of “tapas and various barbecues,” sitting around a rectangular table.IMG_20150624_214415494
We entered the initiation of several comments from our professional past with humorous anecdotes, and with “spirits” drinks, and about 1, 30 am we launched himself to speak on matters of palmistry, pebble, and strange, ours and others that have emerged throughout our short life occurrences.
It is the right time. On the table a yellow candle, illuminates our faces us, and as the night goes on we get into astral travel, the Three Marys, Jupiter and Mars, and the random meeting of some skeptical friends at a meeting of the pebble, which ended , quite frightened by the attendees.IMG_20150628_131819346_HDR
Some time ago, making a QSO (simultaneous communication between one or more people around the world were, New York, Jamaica, Cordoba, Seville and Almeria with our equipment Radio) and three in the morning in the room radio, all off less led the station, so I was telling the doctor NY, I looked back in my chair, on several occasions, because what he was saying, we got hair like a brush … impressive. Each brought what had happened, she had heard or knew. I said the “case” of a friend, the thing began, lighting, the hall light, at night, always at night, then the living room, after uffff ……….IMG_20150628_142333217_HDR
While it is true that many people like to talk about this, others do not. There is much to talk about, like leaving a recorder on a cushion all night, until it stops and the next day to find out if recorded “something”. Who knows what ..
On Sunday, we set out early to take a course in Kayak, with monitors from the Fabriquilla until the Reef of the Sirens, past the lighthouse Cabo de Gata. As there was no room to board a canoe, they accomodated as helpers rescue boat, led by a professional. Arriving at Faro del Cabo, both Kayaking, as the two companions, we hit the boat, and swam through a narrow margin between the very sharp rocks with glasses and tube stations, all kinds of flora and fauna seen of great beauty, and for the uninitiated in diving, take a little juju, see the depth, and in an emergency, it is important, against the wall of rock, and look well that no hedgehogs, very painful to intervene, we invest in it a couple of hours. Wonderful. Salu2.
“How ironic is life, spend so much money on clothes, to have a good time … .. And the best times were spent without clothes.”

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  1. Numbers Breitkreutz said,

    Aw, this was a very good post. Taking the time and actual effort to produce a very good article… but what can I
    say… I put things off a lot and never manage to get anything done.

  2. juancortes said,

    Hello friend, the whole area of Cabo de Gata, up to the town of Mojacar, well known by many foreigners from all over the world, is spectacular, of enormous beauty. My wife and I went almost all the way up and down the mountains last year, with 8 hours a day, where she takes you to some incredible beaches, which are not usually visited on Sundays, the people who go to the beaches alone on Sundays. As this whole area is a Natural Park, NO HOTEL CAN BE BUILT, so, the whole territory is wild. All you have to do is take a backpack with you, with food and water, and observe, bathe, photograph, the color of the water, Turquoise Blue, for example, from Los Muertos Beach, in a village in Almeria called CARBONERAS. Unbelievable. Salu2

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator


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