21 junio 2015 at 1:04 am (Denuncias)

Card keys HOTELS
 Have you ever asked yourself what information is stored in the magnetic keys to the hotel? (Resembling the credit cards)

Look at the response and change your habits:
a. Guest name.
b. Host address
c. Number of hotel room
d. Dates of entry and exit
e. Number of the guest’s credit card and the validity date.
f. Driving License Number.

When you return the keys to the hotel reception, the information is available to any employee with access to the ‘scanner’ hotel. Furthermore, the employee may bringing them home and, using magnetic scanner apparatus, have access to the information contained in the key and use it to shop online.

In general, almost all hotels information magnetic keys are not deleted until they are used to a new customer.

Until then, the key is left in the drawer of the reception with previous customer information available for use.

In short:tar-3

1) To avoid problems keeps the magnetic key and take them with you or destroy them.

2) Do not leave them in the room, or in the trash, and never return them to the hotel reception when you pay the bill.

3) Hotels can not charge because he has not returned them the key (it’s illegal), and thus have the assurance that leave no personal information can be easily accessed and used by third parties.

4) Also, if you realize that the airport still have the key to the hotel not throw in the trash, take her home or destroy it with scissors cutting the magnetic strip on the back of the card.

Pass for relatives and friends that they are warned.



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