CARAT editor of the daily ABC.-

21 junio 2015 at 8:33 pm (no me digas)

A reader Jose Fernando Blanco Sanchez, sent the following letter to the ABC newspaper reader to the delight of the public who was lucky enough to read the reviews.
Letter to the Editor of ABC:
I just saw on state television saying Echevarria Lucia “bat” is the only word in our language that have all five vowels.
My dear lady, think a bit and check your “euphoria”.Libro-5
A “squalid” “architect” called “Aurelio” or “Eulalio” remember, says the most “authentic”, is to have a “grandpa” who brings a suit “crosslinked” and follow the “archetype” of that old ” rheumatic “and” repudiated “that” got “in his time, being” fleeced “by a” caller “who committed” adultery “with a” cover-up “close” tobacconist “unused” stimulator “.Libro-6
Lady writer: if the “tricky” “statement” of the “equation” leaves “unresolved”, forget your “menstruation” and think so “hierarchical”. Do not choke on this “disturbance” that does not go with your “milonga” and “meticulous” “education”.
And repeat after me, as I said Cantinflas:
“What it is the lack of ignorance ….”
Beste bat art ….



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