12 junio 2015 at 11:51 pm (Diario)

I have the Sea, as Rafael Alberti said in front, and I hear perfectly, like waves, soft, arriving from overseas, and rest quietly in the breakwater, and at the same time, listening to Jazz Chill Out, creating a symbiosis between now the reality of the past, in the recording of this music do not understand, so complicated, but it makes me crazy.
The official Love is essentially equivalent, in my opinion, of rules, studied for it, strict forms and movements, not transmitted, neither hot nor cold. The official, run, every day, a precise choreography, with thousands of people every day trying to solve, paperwork, paperwork, in the argot of the street to be in compliance with what they ask, and companies own government.
There are exceptions, of course, but few. Good morning, concise, take documents, requests, documents, processed by computer, processes it, all without blinking, turn, depart printers processed documents, putting them seal, delivered with a grin smile, and dispatches the person interlocutor and waits for the nextamor-2.
Like everything there are edges, as in all professions, but the special feature that I have observed is little or no deployment of human “heat” to the characters we go there to solve. That nobody gets angry, that this is a reality, and you can shoot.
Comes this up, there is a great similarity with the behavior with women. Like everything, there are women who are very affectionate, friendly, spirited, free of all, they have a simple behavior, display amount of Tic, giving confidence when engaging conversation, acts of various kinds, music, theater, jazz, flamenco, or what is third, mediate affection or friendship, body behavior denotes, the variety of behaviors, where the passenger is comfortable and can enjoy many moments, giving us the daily life, and enjoying openly.
But it is also the love-Official. We return to the forms. The rules. Nothing to chance, all timed, mealtimes, hours to bathe, hours for beer, dry and imperative gesture, utter paucity of body, including movement, face and limbs and other body desires.
As for taste, a huge difference, with the nearby rest. I black, white the other party. It is therefore in such dour, rigid, dry behaviors, no moments of distraction, and say, “one day is a day” nothing happens.amor-2


I do not know, but it would be wonderful, that these “bodily side movement” changed a sharp turn, slowly, up the slope of the “status” uncompromisingly-staff, towards a gradual drift to share that, “but not him like “because” others “are delivered body and soul … ..aunque not like it, but do it for love, which is the most important thing of this world.
Salu2″Fear of Love, is to fear life, and those who fear life are already half dead.” Beltrand Russell.



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