4 junio 2015 at 11:50 pm (Diario)

Truth be told, the Spanish are big eaters “copy” details, customs, rites and other stories from other countries, and put in vogue almost immediately, forgetting our rich culture beyond bullfighting and flamenco dancing. Because abuse of these customs, (in life seen both bull and bullfighters and the Andalusian gypsy dressed in costume, and Mallorca).
Faced with overwhelming advertising, it is normal for the millions of foreigners who visit us, we believe that all day, or dancing or fighting in the streets. We are well.
Apart from this, we Father Christmas, Halloween and the chaos and mobile for …… .. children arrived. Great.
As we are extremes in all, there have to Papis, mobile buying from their children aged seven, eight, nine, ten years, because it is important that the child has your phone, if you need to call Wall Street or the White House to do some last minute errands. Let’s see Papis and Moms, is it necessary for such a small creature with a mobile ?. Parents said to “control” what? Come on man!
The Papis know what they send their “little friends in photos deleted .. or not. No fucking idea. They know they are photographed in the bathroom and they send and more … .ni slut idea. We’re going to have to control mobile ja.ja.ja.ja. what the hell. At home, in the garage of cars. There is more to see the hubbub and the girls huddle forming for the photos they send you.moviles-5
Look at you, with all due respect. The mobile is a new imported fashion, and neither parent wants their children to go bare (figuratively, of course) not having the gadget happy, because we must be modern and up to date. Gentlemen, these gadgets are quite dangerous, for Papis, Moms and children with mafias who are dedicated to attracting all kinds of pictures of them and sell them around the world, which constantly warns police.
Be the parrot, review, listen, no closed doors for anyone, observe behavior, all is not Jauja, “I my child-Na, have controlled what … what bullshit.moviles-4
For myself do what they want, but others would not leave for a while the Wasap, and be attentive to these new developments, to avoid surprises. If the child is not moving, you can control VISUALLY



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