28 mayo 2015 at 8:14 pm (Denuncias)

It was a few days ago in an outpatient (Medicine), waiting for the doctor, to resolve an issue of high and low, of a beloved relative, and while comes this “creature, nervous,” there was time to talk with different characters everyday life, the divine and human, and jumped it up, “mainly” by the women of the house, which is the Alma Matter, who constantly watches over us.
It is a flood of trouble, ill concealed treatment, denial of support for the development of coexistence, archaeological and tremebundo machismo entrenched habits, for ever and ever, and that over the years, still there frozen, the king on his throne and the unhappy trying to lead a P’adelante home.
This “culture”, as it somehow, “this is what you get”, has enslaved generations of women since the world began, and counting, especially in rural areas, since in the big cities, but no less so.amas-5
Them, can not run out of the “ghetto” where he lives, for economic and cultural reasons, because the husband is the one with his salary keeps the child, and on the other hand there is no preparation for taking an “out” of home and survive without the support of the patriarch. It is depressing, today, as these characters, they sit at the table and wait for his wife, he put the tablecloth, the wine cup, spoon-fork, the hot plate in front of their noses, TV ignition.
Once this staging, “the king”, rises from the table, like a giant, without lifting a finger to remove what has been used, and start a “siesta”, lying in bed, to the snack. At night the same ritual. If you want to get laid, cast it, you feel like the lady or not, and of course, no preservatives, and if comes another child into the world, then come, that it told me a lady, who has nine (9) children, and more than tired of working at home, and the “elephant” in his throne.amas-4
A huddle, more women around us, while the doctor came, where was evident, pain and subjugation of thousands of women, today, from prehistory, customs horribly perpetuated in their lives formed. I had another wife, who ever told you to take her to a movie, dinner, dancing, walking. NADA.CEROamas-6
In the mornings, you shave, washed, shaved and groomed shirt sets, meets colleagues from “fatigue” in front of the bar, to discuss … .fútbol, ​​and wait for midday meal is to eat and … bedtime.
And this is just a small overview of the life of these wives, under the dictatorship of submission, no one can help them.
Mesdames, I send from this article, my most sincere support for the work, not renumbered, for their sacrifice and loyalty and give infinite thanks for all you do, and that these “bream” of husbands to realize that without you, they would be garbage old furniture. There kea that.



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