26 mayo 2015 at 11:44 pm (no me digas)


These are the words most used WOMEN IN MOMENTS OF DISCUSSION, with their husbands, partners or NOVIOS-AS.-
1) BIEN.- These are the words women use to end an argument when they believe they are right and you have to stay silent.
2) FIVE MINUTOS.- If she is getting dressed, this means half an hour. If you’re playing with your “Play Station” or watching a football match and you have to go out or do something else, they are just that five minutes.
3) NADA.- The calm before the storm. You mean something, and you should be alert. Arguments that begin with “nothing” usually end with “GOOD” (See point one).
4) Do what you want. It is a challenge, not a permit, so do not …mujeres-2
5) GREAT sigh is like a word, but not verbal. Very often, men know not interpret. A great sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders, why are you wasting your time discussing anything. (See point 3).
6) OK) is one of the most dangerous words a woman, you can tell your man or partner. It means that a woman needs to think hard before deciding how and when, hacértelas pay.
7) THANKS. If a woman is thanking you, do not ask questions. Just want to say thank you, but if you say, “thank you very much”, it is pure sarcasm, not really thanking you is NOTHING.
8) Whatever. It is the most gentle way of women to say: GO TO = C * · “‘& $ 2 @ nd”mujere7
9) DO NOT WORRY: I’LL HAGO.- Another dangerous statement; It means that a woman asked a man something, many times and getting no results, decided to do it herself. This man will ask: But I did wrong ?. (The answer of women will be at point 3)
10) WHO IS ?. This is a simple question, but highly dangerous. Each time a woman asks: Who is it ?. Actually it refers to another woman, and results in Who’s That · 3 @ + 6 € 6 # .. and what he wants from you … ..if not your mother or your sister, you must be very careful .-mujeres-3
This is the best dust I’ve missed in my life Pepi ..
– Paco, are throwing ASHES OF MY MOTHER SEA .. !!!!!!
– THAT’S WHY … .of …….



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