12 mayo 2015 at 10:16 pm (Denuncias)

Electrical won 1,680 million in the first quarter, up 0.8%.
The transfer from public to private intensified in the stage of Pedro Sánchez as Deputy
¿Revolving doors? 40 exaltos charges Zapatero prepared to land in the private sector before leaving the Government
Pedro Sanchez has promised to end the ‘revolving doors’ but during the stage in which he was satin deputy of his party, the landing of senior government officials in the private sector came in the form of alluvium.
The way in which the socialist leader, Pedro Sanchez, has attacked the transfer from public to private, the famous ‘revolving doors’, has not only bothered the president Felipe González, but also many government officials exaltos Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero , especially those who were quick to request authorization to work in the private sector immediately after leaving their public responsibilities, practices that arouse some suspicion,
Government sources acknowledge and PSOE on the intended beneficiaries of some of the decisions they may have taken its final stretch as servants.
Electrical, construction, employers and consultants, the preferred destination for exaltos Zapatero charges
Especially bitter was the recent debate held by the finance minister, Cristobal Montoro, the Socialist deputy Soraya Rodriguez, former Secretary of State for International Cooperation. The former spokesman of the PSOE in Congress during the stage of Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, took stock of the conflicts of interest that, in his opinion, regarding some members of the PP who combine his seat with the private sector.
The fact is that there are also some socialist parliamentarians and other political colors have office open influences and also in the archives of the Government comprises 40 exaltos charges last Zapatero government did not hesitate to use the ‘revolving door’ as they had the first time for this. Economic former Vice President Elena Salgado stopped the December 21, 2011, after losing the elections PSOE, and after asking permission to work in Chilectra, then a subsidiary of Endesa, had cleared the way for it two months later,
exactly on 22 February 2012. Similar road had run its predecessor, Pedro Solbes, signed directly by Enel.
In a similar case the former Minister of Foreign Zapatero Miguel Angel Moratinos, who requested government permission to work in the private sector in October 2010. It does so since as diplomatic adviser in Qatar within a food security program is to later he has been complemented by advising Spanish businessmen who want to do business in countries such as Equatorial Guinea.
Source of all economic ministries
In the list of those who have used these ‘revolving doors’ there are many other known names, for example, Carlos Ocaña, former chief of staff to former Minister of Industry Miguel Sebastián, one month after leaving the Ministry was working for ACS ; The former Secretary of State for Defence Constantino Mendez, who less than a year after leaving office entered the private security group Segur Iberica ;, the Jorge Barrero, director of the cabinet of the Minister of Science and Innovation, which became serve the multinational pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers, or Carlos Cano, former Director General of, the Ministry of Development, which gave the jump to the telecom Ericsson Spain.Eléctricas-4
The ‘revolving door’ not only exaltos charges ministries of Economy, Development, Chair, Industry, Agriculture and Defense, but also senior officials from the Economic Bureau during the stage of Zapatero in the government headed Miguel Sebastian benefited and, subsequently, David Taguas. This applies, for example, Joseph Anton Garcia, within the Office worked as responsible for social and industrial policy and, four months after leaving this task, joined the consulting firm Oliver Wyman.
In the PP PSOE debate on the ‘revolving door’ is not always eludes all names are put on the table
Former Zapatero have many destinations, including NERA Economic, which was to stop the former Secretary of State for Energy Fabricio Hernandez, Gamesa, where landfall former Secretary of State for Innovation Juan Tomas Hernán, Coca-Cola, where he spent to serve the former Director General of Health Services or employers Sagrario Perez manufacturers of soft drinks, which landed another former Secretary of State, Josep Puxeu, in this case the Rural Environment and Water.
“The discussion with Pedro Sanchez on ‘giratorias’puede doors be very instructive for everyone, provided that all the names are put on the table,” says a source of the Popular Group.



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