1 abril 2015 at 12:55 am (Personal)

DEPUTY IN Sweden.-
“C Mordomia” = Profit granted by the state senior officials, consisting of accommodation, food and general services.
Sweden is still a monarchy, but the king has long since lost all power. Who decides the direction the country is the political class that has no right to LUXURY and privileges.
The federal deputies in Sweden, living in personal apartments of 40 square meters (40m2). It is enough for parliamentarians live in the capital during the week space, says the head of the sector.
A single room serves as bedroom and living room. No functional apartment has washer. The laundry is communal, and deputies have to sign up on a list to wash the laundry.Suecia-2
Some members have even less space, 18 square meters (18 m2), to the kitchen is communal. No domestic workers, and the rules are rigid. There is a sign saying “STOP all clean”.
Until the 90s, functional apartments did not exist in Sweden. Parliamentarians slept on sofa bed in his own office, here in Parliament. The office of deputy has (18 m2). Has no parliamentary secretary, and particularly helper, and no Member is entitled to a car with driver.
A passerby is asked a Tv in the street. “It is I who pays the politicians, I see no reason why taxpayer money, is used to give them a life of luxury.”
The official residence of the Prime Minister has 300 square feet (300 m2), but no employees to care chores. The government spokesman said Prime Minister ironing his own shirts, and wash your clothes.
Political commentator Tv. Swedish reveals the preferred task of Prime Minister: Clean the house ……….

PD. Read Spanish parliamentary deputies and this ???? –
No. They do have some more than good salaries, and each Autonomy, there are hundreds of official cars, with driver, of course, who are waiting for her ladyship, go to inaugural, a piece of street, who have arranged a curbs and broken since the end of the war, and is the photographer on site to capture the act to come out in the press slabs.sUECIA-5
What difference does ethics, What Education, What sense of state, no one is rich, nobody gets into business, because it is doing work state, how neatly with light and stenographers. No one euro gets into the pocket than your own salary. And it all starts in SCHOOL, AND NOTE. What a pity that our beloved Spain, bears no resemblance, some of the reflected light given off, the mirror Swedes look. Sorry



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