28 marzo 2015 at 1:33 am (Denuncias)

Everyone knows already, the shock of the crash of the Airbus A320, which occurred in the French Alps company Germanwings, are also known, the details of it, how and why of this wild accident, caused by the second pilot, and just yesterday, has gone to the international press that he was sidelined with depression and it was not the first time it had been on other occasions.
The controversy has sprung, and many opinions, wondering how this man had hidden the company, this disorder, and why the analytical center where he was held, did not provide this vital information at your workplace.
The reason is in the Data Protection Act, which prevails in most countries, forbids it. Therein lies the problem, surely, to be amended urgently.
If a man, I put on the event, have a carpenter, and has a personal health problem, you can do with the document that facilitates the clinic, what he pleases, as if he eats it.
But when it comes, as in the case of a collective service, plane, bus, train, boat, things change radically.
If you have to change the Data Protection Act, it must be done, as has been changed and adopted by several airlines, three crew cabin two permanently.
It is a very sensitive subject, we know, because there are millions of businesses with such information, would like a manna fallen from heaven, but no doubt that something must be done.
The center analytics to report, with a simple fax, or email, a worker in your company, you are not fit to wear a carpool, and therefore must disenroll, immediately and subsequently follow it up, for sure, if you can still develop that same job, or else give total floor.
These measures, at worst are unfeasible, but reassure us the general population, knowing that appropriate and urgent corrections are made. Salu2



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