9 marzo 2015 at 7:45 pm (no me digas)

My Diary … Day 1
  Now I’m ready for this wonderful cruise.
  I took my best clothes. I’m so excited!

  My Diary … Day 2
  We’ve been all day at sea. It was lovely, vi
  some dolphins and whales.
  How well the holidays begin !.
  Today I found the Captain and I found an interesting man.

  My Diary … Day 3
  I’ve been all day at the pool, strolling on deck,
  in the gym, sauna, golf balls and giving …
  Captain invited me to his table for dinner.
  It was an honor and I had a wonderfully.
  It is a very attractive and attentive man.

  My Diary … Day 4
  I’ve been on the boat Casino and won $ 110.
  Captain invited me to dine with him at his cabin.
  We had a luxurious and spectacular dinner with oysters, caviar and champagne.
  He asked me if I stayed with him and declined the invitation.
  I told him I did not want to be unfaithful to my husband.

  My Diary … Day 5
  I returned to the pool and I burned a little sun.
  I’ve gone to the piano bar to spend the rest of the day.
  Captain invited me to a drink, the truth is that it’s a lovely man.
  He asked me again if I wanted to spend the night with him and I again say no.
  To which he replied that if he kept refusing to be with him, sink the ship.
  I’ve been terrified.

  My Diary … Day 6
  Today I saved about 1,600 people … four times!
  I’m so glad.



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