5 marzo 2015 at 7:34 pm (50 cosas que)

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As is known in psychology as ADAPTATION hedonistic, sex is a good example of how men and even more women work, they get bored of having sex with the same person, but he is even greater if the sexual repertoire ALWAYS IS THE SAME.
It is essential for the well being of your relationship so you know, you know WHAT ARE YOU COMMUNICATE OR YOU LIKE, YOU WOULD, in sexual encounters. IF YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING NEW, MUST SAY.
This is fundamental to the couple, says psychology, says your head, your body, and of common sense. There are millions of answers, the bad behavior of people (depending how you look) that cling to the saying: “I can not find at home, looking away.”
I told a friend related to music: “Look I’m married and have children, and my wife love her, but I have a friend with whom we almost complete Kamasutra, and at home, always the same, a routine that no leads to nothing but the “other” is another world, and see that I love, but not the same. “clip_image064
Everything depends on the people. If women are bored making love with boyfriend, husband, obviously will have to put a lot and a little-delivery, that is not the act never ending wheel … and boring for not changing the rules, which if the change if it were someone else … like my friend.
This is the best powder I’ve missed in my life Pepi …!
Paco, are throwing the ashes of my mother the sea !!!!
So, why !!!!!!



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