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Alegre, vital, sparkling, intelligent, talkative, Ana María Lajusticia, the prophet of magnesium, inspires confidence so awake and fresh that it is seen at his age. His training as a chemical (Young worked on the spar-fluorine extraction in mines) has allowed him to unravel the secrets of the biochemistry of magnesium. And with his personal story illustrates the beneficial effects of magnesium on human health.
Since published in 1977, “The balanced power in modern life,” he continued to investigate and disclose: “Diets on demand”; “Osteoarthritis and its solution”; “Magnesium, key to health”.
Advised to take 3 mg of magnesium per day, because “sleep better, be more restful sleep. And avoid hypertension, thrombosis, tachycardia, stroke, joint pain, retinopathy, ulcers, sciatica, migraines, warts, anxiety, kidney stones, allergic rhinitis, depression. Magnesium strengthens the heart muscle, supports their work and also slows the prostate inflammation. “”I’m 89 years old. I was born in Bilbao and I live in Barcelona. I have a degree in chemistry. He had six children. I am apolitical. I stopped being religious because the priests preached that the disease was a punishment. The black pure chocolate is the natural food more magnesium “he says.

Almost 90 years and what looks young!
I’m much better than thirty years ago, really.

What was happening before?
-He had arthritis, degeneration of cartilage tissues. I ached all joints, felt pain from the toes to the crown.He wore corset!

I -¿Corsé?
-A Brace rods to hold stiff spine, not fall apart by back pain.

How long did this corset?
-From 31 years to 52 years.

‘That is …, twenty years long!
Yeah, boy, yes. He was ordered to take the rest of my days, my doctors said.

So what happened?
‘I had cortisone and developed diabetes.It scared me! He was 43 years old, was a blow. I decided to take control of my diet, because he ate very incorrectly.

What ate until then?
– Too many carbohydrates (bread, cookies, pasta, rice) and little protein, ate neither meat nor fish.

And how rectified?
I -Desayuné an orange and a fried egg cooked ham: vitamin C yproteína.

‘And it improved?
-Comía Well, fish, meat … and taking magnesium.That cured me! After two years, I removed the corset. I had sprained back by lack of muscle, but was healed!

Why he decided magnesium?
I’m chemistry, I researched … and got it!

What understood?
Which my cartilage degeneration was due to lack of collagen. Is that the body needs three elements to form collagen: protein, vitamin C and magnesium …!

‘And not provide magnesium food?
So was when abonábamos crops with feces. But no synthetic fertilizers Magnesium is not in the food chain.

How much magnesium I need?
-about 3 milligrams daily, by mouth, taking magnesium supplements as chloride.They are very cheap! They are sold in any drugstore.

-¿Esto Reverses osteoarthritis?
-The Cartilage can regenerate: I have lived! After two years of taking magnesium, my joints were recovered. And today my analyzes are perfect: no cholesterol!

What’s fielded magnesium?
-During World War, some French doctors noticed that the wounded were recovered better that pass by magnesian spas!

-The Lack of magnesium, how can you tell?
You’ll have joint pain. Cramps. Contractures. Tachycardias. Dizziness. Eyelid spasms. Spasms of the esophagus, stomach or intestine. Tingling around the mouth. Hiccups. Feeling of lump in the throat. You’ll kicking while asleep, as if you fall … You see lights with closed eyes. And you wake up tired.

-once I lived any symptoms …
Ante two of these symptoms, take magnesium.

Where there is more magnesium natural?
-In The cocoa bean. The black, pure chocolate carries about 500 milligrams in one hundred grams. Far behind, soy and almonds.

If I take each day black chocolate or equivalent magnesium, will I make collagen?
Yes, and collagen is very, very important !: is 40% of the protein in your body.

Which is fundamental for …
-The Skeleton, tendons, cartilage.

-¿El Skeleton? Do not need calcium?
-The Collagen is the base: without it, calcium mineralized bone … and breaks. Collagen provides flexibility.It’s an awful lot of calcium prescribed to menopausal!

-You Sure?
– Both calcium deposits in the light of the arteries and closes: arteriosclerosis! And the bones become very brittle.It is fatal!

-¿A Take magnesium, then?
-In Every meal, one gram, because if you take a higher dose of magnesium, can not be absorbed and eliminated in the urine.

-¿Quéefecto Plant has magnesium?
– Relaxes muscles.So the Ethiopian runners are sublime! The soil is fertilized by pyroclastic ash magnesium, which happens to plants and the food they eat. Despite having less lung capacity than other brokers, pay more!

What other benefits it will bring me take magnesium?
You’ll sleep better, be more restful sleep. And avoid hypertension, thrombosis, tachycardia, stroke, joint pain, retinopathy, ulcers, sciatica, migraines, warts, anxiety, kidney stones, allergic rhinitis, depressive states …

-¿Combate Tachycardia and heart attacks?
Yes, magnesium strengthens the heart muscle, supports their work. Oh, and also slows the prostate inflammation.

-¡La Panacea, come on!
-Also Favors the formation of neurotransmitters: coco your work better!

Why is not known over all this?
That will answer Burton Altura, maximum world expert in magnesium: “The magnesoterapia is too cheap, no benefit to the pharmaceutical industry.”
(c) La Vanguardia and Clarin.


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