6 diciembre 2014 at 2:02 am (Denuncias)

Friday, I just saw on La Sexta TV, Team Research program, where he played today, The Hazing in universities and Halls.
How is it possible that principals and directors thereof, enabling the real atrocities in the times that we ?. Lots of students, both boys and girls, who are suffering a living hell, until the death of a student of Murcia, that day was accompanied by two “gunmen pimps veterans” who were not his friends, and what a coincidence that fell a bridge, a road, as they say, his “companions gunmen” who was running with his hands in his pockets and ran.
From the first minute to get these creatures, lawyers, doctors, or mathematicians of the future, to college, they are attacked by literally this gang of pimps and crooks, many of them posh children who give a shit about the race and they just want to have fun at the expense of those who have just arrived.
It’s been shocking videos like such a simple thing, average, to throw caustic soda, a student who burned corneas, or one that was with hydrochloric acid, which burned her head, eyes and skin, and since then can not sunbathing. There are plenty of newcomers, who are sequestered in their rooms, where with the help of partners, we provide snacks, not want to go to the dining room, because the “gunmen-veterans”, take away food leave them standing and put bred to bring and wear plates, which tell these dangerous elements. ¿Being veteran stands for Chief of Chiefs, and you can do and undo what he pleases with the lives of the people there will STUDY ?. Well that’s what they are doing with students just entering college and Halls, and worst of all, teachers, principals and directors say that nothing happens there. will Face.
Many years ago, this was done as a matter of laugh novice fun and spend the day, but now is in jail. There, in universities and colleges, in a MAFIA, journalist asks some students, on the fly, and there is no way to get a word. If the governing, in passing, without stopping, do not have knowledge that the “veterans gunmen” which is saved which can, are undergoing newcomers, an intolerable degree of sadism in the times we live in.novatadas-4Arab Proverbs: “Cruelty is the Force Cowards”
Did the police for being ??. They had a little chat, with, say about how many students dominated by the famous barbarians, and there just is absolutely clarified anything. Let that these atrocities are not made, nor put before the creature a bucket of seven liters of water, which is the must drink, or water toilet, or alcohol until they burst, or the girls leave them naked and give head to one of the brave “cowboys”.
This is a disgrace, and most schools are Catholic Seniors. The directors, sliding them, what happens between walls, so that they know but deny, and even worse not move a finger to stop this unnecessary suffering post trauma in their lives, because of this rabble who have no consideration or feelings, they surely will not give them their “beloved” family, simply because they do not have it with him, and while you are there, we are rid of.
This is a Police and rectors and principals topic.
Why did not want this issue to move? Because students do not want to leave, because they do not fit the large accounts.-



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