4 diciembre 2014 at 12:18 am (increibles)

This is a completely true “credible” story about a wedding in a village in Alicante, and what happened was in all the newspapers of the area leaving people amazed.
In a wedding with over 300 guests after the ceremony of the event, the banquet, the groom took the stage and took the microphone to address attendees.
He said, he wanted to thank everyone for having come, some from far away, to accompany them on their wedding day. He thanked especially the bride, her family and her new stepfather, for organizing such a fantastic feast.
As proof of his deep appreciation-continued wanted to give each attendee a special gift. So he said, sticking to the bottom of each chair was an envelope. He repeated that it was a gift for each participant and asked everyone to open.
Inside each envelope was an enlarged photo of the bride practicing sex with the Godfather.
The groom was suspicious and had hired a private detective to tail. After enduring standing there, just watching the reactions of the guests for a couple of minutes, he turned to the Godfather and said “Fuck you”, then turned to the bride and said “Fuck you” …
Then he turned to the audience and said, “I’m outta here.”
He requested an annulment first thing the next day.
His vengeance: making the parents of the bride were spent in wedding 32.oooEuros over 300 guests, and even better to leave in tatters the reputation of the bride and best man in front of all the guests and family.
Elegant wedding party of 300 guests … ..32.000Euros
Professional photographer to capture the event ………. 3.000Euros
Luxury rooms at the Melia ………………… … 8.500Euros
The face of “personal” to the zoomed picture “throwing” the Godfather …… .no priceless.
There are things that can not be paid with money ……



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