22 noviembre 2014 at 11:42 pm (increibles, Personal)

“Satirical comment from a reader of” The Economist “:

November 2014
Catalonia votes for independence. Artur Mas becomes president of the new state.

December 2014
Catalonia applies for membership in EU. The request is approved and Catalonia becomes the 28th member.

Mar 2015
The province of Soria vote in favor of independence and Spain are the grants.

Apr 2015
Soria applies for membership in the EU. Josep Martinet (born Pepe Martinez), representative of Catalonia in the EU opposes. “Soria is not a nation, Catalonia itself,” he says.
“Yes you are …” said the president of Soria. Despite vociferous opposition Catalan, Soria becomes the 29th member of the EU.
“Now everyone wants to be a nation,” said Jordi Martinet. “It’s not fair.”

Sep 2015
Bremen became independent from Germany and becomes the 30th member of the EU. Venice becomes independent from Italy and became the 31st member.T3

July 2017
The process is contagious: the EU now has 125 members (25 of the country formerly known as Spain) and 85 official languages: Catalan, soriano, flamenco, likely, Silesian … etc.

October 2017
The European Commission announced that the EU can no longer work with such confusion.
After a lengthy discussion in 8 languages is decided that EU members should be organized into groups. The press called “clusters”.

November 2017
Members of German origin quickly organize their own “cluster” and decide to give it a new name: Germany.

December 2017
Members of French origin, after a long discussion, create their own “cluster” they call France.

December 2017
Members of the country formerly known as Spain created its own “cluster”. Can not agree on the name for what are known as “Iberian cluster”.
Galicia attempts to join the Irish “cluster”. “We are also Celtic” repeats the Galician president. “No you are not,” says the Irish president.
Finally, Galicia joins the “Iberian cluster”. The Basque Country joins the “cluster” of Georgia, Sicily and Macedonia, known as the “EGSM” with the “E” Euzkadi.

Jan 2018
The Catalans try to join the “German cluster”: “We Germans South, we are not Spanish.”
“You are in the South, okay, but you are Germans,” receive an answer.

Jan 2018
The Catalans try to join the “French cluster”: “We are practically French, are not Spanish.” They are rejected.
Spiteful, the Catalans form their own “cluster” with Romania, Albania, Cyprus and Kosovo.
They therefore constitute the “cluster CRACK”. Catalonia lost inhabitants and decide to import one million Moroccans.

Sep 2018
As the new organization is ineffective, Germany decides to leave the EU and the euro.
Closes its borders to “a bunch of loonies” – according to the kind expression of the German president – and creates a new currency, the Deutschmark.

October 2018
France follows suit and leaves. Your new currency, the franc. Initiated contacts with Germany, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg to create a new union: “The Common Market”.

November 2018
The EU collapses. Reappear border controls. “The Economist” says on the front: “We hate to say, but because We warned you.”

May 2019
Morocco invaded Catalonia. Catalonia Spain accused of having secret agreements with the Moroccans. “We did not see this coming …” says the Iberian president.
Moroccan impose “sharia” and prohibit bikinis, public nudes and “aioli” under threat of severe punishment.

Jan 2020
Catalonia seeks help from his “Spanish brothers”. The country formerly Catalonia Spain invades again! “Why have you been so long?” Asks Artur Mas.
Catalonia joins the country formerly known as Spain. The public nudity, bikinis and “aioli” again become legal, practically mandatory.
The country chooses a new name, Spain, and a new currency, the peseta. The Basque Country joins Spain.
Spain are applying in the “Common Market”. “He will think …” is the response you get.

And start … 25 years later …



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