27 octubre 2014 at 1:02 am (Denuncias)


Excerpt published in 1912.
101 years ago. Don Benito Perez Galdos wrote this.
“The two parties have agreed to take turns in power peacefully, are two herds of men who aspire only to graze in the budget.
They have no ideals, no desired end moves; will not improve at all the lives of this unhappy race, very poor and illiterate. Pass one after another, leaving everything as it is today, and take Spain to a state of consumption that fixed, it has to result in death. They will rush or no religious problem, nor economic or educational, will only pure bureaucracy, sterile chieftaincy, job recommendations favors to cronies, without any practical effect legislating and forth with lanterns.
If nothing can be expected from the monarchist mobs, we should not have faith in the revolutionary flock. I do not believe in revolutionary new kind or antediluvian. The Spain that aspires to a radical and violent political change is falling, I think, as anemic as the other. They have to spend years, perhaps decades before this regime, attacked ethics tuberculosis, it is replaced by another to bring new blood and new mental light bulbs. ”
We will have to wait at least another 100 years for that at this time, “if lucky” people are born more sober and less sausage than they currently have ……
Poor Spanish !!! What cost us catch up.
Well it’s been 100 years Don Benito, who will be watching us from the Beyond, and continue in the same exponentially
Don Benito, not out of a surprise when two days later we had another fatter still. Before and now, the crooks and edges, were those who committed misdeeds, and the rich and powerful were the abusers, with its power and influence, the people in general. Now Don Benito, technocrats, called robber barons, those who run the “roost” movement of capital, at all levels, speculators, placing billions out of our country, and here, does not know, nothing but the party concerned. Many unethical, need to have a LAW, update, streamline and update JUSTICE, very backward, poor content, update. Not normally a sentence for a girl who found a credit card and bought diapers and food for your baby and you throw three years in prison, and who organized the party at the Madrid Arena, where 5 girls were killed with an abusive capacity judges have taken him four years in prison. This is simply a crazy country.
The major parties do not sit in a P once, because they are not interested, update the law. If so, one day, more than 10,000 immunity, NOT ONE. Why they are so quiet. salu2



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