¿Whatt Happens to the Spanisch Royal and Presidential Fleet Wave.-?

22 marzo 2014 at 11:04 pm (Diario)

That’s a good question. What happens to the real and presidential fleet Airbus A-310 ? .
Let’s see, we taking into account that this type of aircraft first flew 1982 , has more than 30 years, between heaven and earth , it is normal that ” tired ” of both books , despite having its maintenance as kicks the manufacturer . These , because they are several , which serves the Prime Minister and the Royal Family , are giving many mistakes lately and has had to alter the schedule of its senior passengers.Airbus-3
We are in the worst crisis and we affect the ” ill treatment ” every time he enters workshops.
Will we have to wait for it to crash with ” valuable ” characters, or perhaps anticipate changing it to a more modern model of course our European industry.?
Another preguntilla . Do they get “ALL” the parts you need these planes ? Sure, or the needy ? . This one , this can be expected, this no …. by that fucking budgets? .
Is that , ultimately, we , Spain , has been loved as any African people failing at key moments of international policy meetings .
You can do several things to pay for a new airplane. Leave a fleet of zero political , lowered the salaries of their lordships scandal , eliminating the Senate, and above all, the salaries of former politicians who are in key enterprises of our nation. Several proposals .PD.It is highly desirable that civil and military aviation, you adoctáran in aircraft despositivos location, apart from the already known “black box”, where following an accident, always remains “some” of these technological devices emitting signals for location. In international body that regulates all companies in the world, should a mandatory character, force components incorporate this important device.


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