31 enero 2014 at 12:25 am (Denuncias)


Honorable Mr. Artur Mas: Please do not create a Catalan Treasury. If you do not know what came administer entering , it is obvious that with this tax collection instrument in hand, the fate of my Autonomous Community will be uncertain . Guilt is not always of Madrid. I will try to explain step and help you understand why we have broken the Catalans .
1st . – In 2012, the annual cost of Comarcals Councils in Catalonia , is 640 million euros. 640 million euros a year. In four years of suppression of those Councils Regional Information we would have saved 2,560 million euros. Slightly more than half of the diversion of 4.804 million on stability objectives set by the government and the CCAA : 1.3% of GDP. And only a game. The regional councils have the same functions as the Provincial Councils and created only for placing each game released . They were created by and maintained by CiU triumvirate and now again CiU. The Provincial Councils normally have the same functions as the Generalitat de Catalunya. In 2009 , estimates of the four Catalan councils was of 1,113 million euros. Abolishing the four Provincial Governments and Councils Comarcals without being replaced by anything, it would Catalunya deficit.
2 – . Every Chairman of each of the Catalan Parliament has official car and chauffeur .
There are 24 Committees: Regulation , Justice, Interior , Agriculture , Livestock, Fisheries , Food and Natural Environment , Planning and Sustainability , Economy and Finance, Culture and Language , Institutional Affairs , Business and Employment ; Petitions and Family Welfare and Employment ; Commission of Inquiry into Possible les Derived Accountability and Performance Management are Financial Institutions and Possible Violation of Consumer Rights , Committee on Road Safety Committee, the European Union External Action , Learning and Universities ; Equal People , Performance Control of the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation , Health , the Ombudsman , Commission of Secret or Reserved matters , the Audit Office , Youth Policy , Cooperation and Solidarity ; Childhood ; Commission on Management Research in the health field and relations between the Public Sector and Healthcare Companies.
3 – . The Government still has a fleet larger than the Central State.descarga
. 4 – Salary: . President of the Catalan Generalitat charges 144,000 – € The Spanish state charges 78,185 – € All Catalan deputies have the same wage base . 43,697 euros gross per year. This wage base is not fixed, since they must sumársele Allowances specific to the distance from their usual Catalan Parliament and other items home. Thus, at salary of 43,697 euros 51,129 euros must be added if the deputy also assumed the position of Chairman of Parliamentary Group A Members who are also spokespersons group receiving the supplement to his salary stands at 43,825 euros : Total 87,000 USD per year. If speakers are attached first , add the deputy base 29,216 euros ( 74,000 euros total ) salary , and if they are attached spokespersons seconds , 21,912 euros ( 65,000 euros in total) are added. There are also rewards ranging from 6,000 to 11,000 euros per year for attending committees and specific arrangements of ” compensation for travel expenses and travel. A Councillor charges 108,000 – € 80,589 A Director – € in millions of euros, the annual salaries paid by category of the Government officials are: . . 564,42 GROUP A GROUP B GROUP C 467.94 361.18 GRUP D 250 26 GROUP E 188.58 .
5 – . The 2011 Catalunya had 7,539,618 inhabitants and 135 seats in the Catalan Parliament . That is, one deputy for every 55,849 people.
Catalunya has 133,450 opposition officials including NO staff of public entities of the Government or the superior bodies of the Government include: Parlament de Catalunya ; Consell de Garanties Estatutàries ; Audit Office , Office Antifrau de Catalunya ; Comissió legal Assessora ; Consell of Employment , Social Econòmic i de Catalunya.
The Generalitat de Catalunya has 254 public entities that depend on it . The ascribed to each public entity staff is NOT counted as official.images
6 – . In autumn 2011 the Catalan government issued bonds paying 5.25 % interest rate to 2% additional bank sold a commission , which said advertising spending . This implies that the Catalans paid at that time to 5.25% + 2 % + Advertising debt contracted by the Government for the Catalans . From 2 to 24 April 2012 the Catalan CiU reissued 2-year bonds at 5.00% interest or 4.5 % at 1 year .
The new issue of bonds of the Government has a 5% interest charges + bank + % advertising commission , between 6 and 8 % of cost and pyramid debt accumulates to the 2010 bond issue 4.75 % and 5.75 % in 2011 , with similar costs for the Catalan administration . Now the Government must begin repaying those bonds . Hence bankruptcy.
7 – . Televisio de Catalunya in 2010 (TV3 ) received grants worth 293.6 million euros. TV3 ‘s turnover in 2010 was 95.5 million euros. Personnel expenses of TV3 for the same period were 132’2 million. In 2012 TV3 should receive 235 million euros. The remaining agencies Consorcio Audiovisual de Catalunya 25 million. Firefighters received grants of EUR 138 707 060
Let’s be serious . Sobran lies.



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