2 noviembre 2013 at 11:54 pm (Denuncias)


Finally, the Andalusian socialist banker Braulio Medel ( Unicaja ) Busber Samanthta Scottish consultancy , billionaire heiress Burgos , José Antolin Toledano (Grupo Antolin ) Maria Helena Antolin family became rich with auto parts , the lawyer Galician Santiago Martínez Lage, near the PNV Basque engineer , José Luis San pedro G. , the former leader of the PP . Angel Acebes , the young banker Madrid Manuel Lagares Gómez- Abascal (BFA ) and the political and Georgina Kessel Martínez Mexican banker .
Iberdrola managers who have taken the decision to the meteoric rise of light at taxpayer expense and for which processing further requests are Jose Luis San Pedro , counselor and director General , Julian Martinez Simancas, general secretary , Jose Sainz Navy, financial director , former PP politician . Fernando Becker , director of corporate resources , Juan Carlos Rebollo , director of administration and control , Javier Villalba , director of business networking group , Fco Martínez Córcoles , liberalized business manager of the group, and xabier Viteri , director of renewable energy.
“You have to be very rogue or being literally sold into oligopolistic financial mafia . The brutal climbs that are derived from the royal decree , are a savage unknown not only in Europe but throughout our industrial history , “complains Professor Centeno .
Canary Minister Jose Manuel Soria , ” Rajoy friend is not only irresponsible , it is also an illiterate in matters within its competence .” According to data provided by an Austrian businessman with industry in Munich , Hungary and Poland, the electricity you pay for your home in Valencia, is twice as expensive as in Vienna per kWh consumed and the most expensive in Europe. ” This systematic plundering Spanish society by an oligarchic and corrupt political system , with a strong network of shared interests with the financial elites and oligopolists , unviable solution to the crisis ,” said Centeno, who concludes :
” Lies glaring errors , corrections and all of nonsense , a story clarifying that we are in the hands of inept thieves. In any other country , this would have led to his prosecution , something that would Anticorruption Prosecution easier. ” –
PD . – Spanish Buenos voters ladies and gentlemen , here are lots of tomatoes and we are seeing every day, with the news coming . The ” financial elite ” , is the boss , and is what is ruling Spain , without the rest , ie workers , we have no option to fix anything . Arrive elections , we are told, a thousand times more , the story of the dairy , and return to vote for them . No escarmentamos Lords. Please , in the next election,will not anyonesurprised this country to the civilized world that there’s also public awareness and we are fed up with this rabble manipulate us .
Tired of lies , telling and making cuts in pay , pensions , Iva’s staples , and they with only a few years , charging a lifetime pay scandal and prison.



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