1 noviembre 2013 at 11:10 pm (Denuncias)


They ask for Sanchez Galan jail and 13 directors of Iberdrola , collect 30 times more than in Japan.
Professor of Economics, Roberto Centeno , has called this week ” Processing ” and ” Jail ” for Ignacio Sánchez Galán, Chairman of Iberdrola , and its 13 directors , many of them former politicians , by auto assigned a salary 30 times greater than their counterparts in Japan and five times higher than in Germany.
To do this, the said managers have taken part in the rise of 323% , ( no muss ) in the rate of light with the support of different governments , which has led to the ruin of many small and medium
Spanish Companies and poverty for millions of families .
” This is simply in jail : the perpetrators of this evil contrary to the most basic interests of Spain and the Spanish , must be removed and processed ” Centeno wrote .
His analysis is conclusive . “The benefit of companies in the same period was 42,000 million Euros and executive pay are the highest in the Western world , although shareholders have lost their shirts ” . The President of Iberdrola , Ignacio Sánchez Galán, is the highest-paid Western and Eastern world , winning five times , for example, the large German utility E.On , and you know how to win the third president of the Japanese utility ( much greater than Iberdrola ) : 250,000 Euros . Yes you read that right30 times less!
Abuse is described in these terms, this professor specializing in the energy industry , ” the directors the same, claim nearly one million Euros annually for two hours present (not working ) a month on non-executive and it is a scandal that would not be tolerated in any other country : they are the politicians who allegedly favored large companies . Natural Gas Felipe González , Pedro Solbes , in Enel , who delivered the largest utility Spain , Elena Salgado , a subsidiary of Endesa , and Aznar, who is a consultant for this company, power sector expertise and globally recognized management, such as getting into the Euro prove without bothering to do even the smallest momentous decision analysis ”
While no political party of the 10 that make up the House of Representatives have ever asked this processing , numerous voices from civil society and imprisonment claim that anti-corruption prosecutor investigation for those directors and managers who , together with Ignacio Sánchez Galán, decisions have been made .
Their names are known in the political and financial Madrid : Valencia are 70 years banker Julio de Miguel (savings of Valencia , Castellón y Alicante, Bancaja and Banco de Valencia Múrcia Bank ) Salamanca banker Sebastian 72 years Battaner ( Caja Duero ) and the Basque banker of 67 years and former president of Iberia , Xabier de Irala ( Kutxabank ), the ” dolphin ” Oriol family , and with 50 years , Iñigo Víctor de Oriol Ibarra and Professor Basque but residing in Barcelona , Ines Macuso Stadler.
PS – All these characters , so serious , with their blue suits , in his lectures we suggest to follow the exactly what “they ” preach , because “that ” is the way, and “they” say to himself , ( work cursed with poverty wages so that I may be ever richer, because I do not care about your miseries )
To be continue …..



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