29 octubre 2013 at 12:01 am (no me digas)


Please especially the female staff of the company, when requesting copies by using “Post -It” has a right to express themselves , in full sentences and unambiguous. He has transcended the “Post -It” attached to documents for copying , have been causing serious problems for some of our officials .
By way of example , mention some phrases commonly used in them and which are the cause of the above problems :
“Please Felipe , let me as fast as you can, because the manager is going to ask me now.”
” George , be good …. Do me like last time ,Please!
” Hernan … let me four quickie , but fine. You know how I like it ”
” Michael , I want it on both sides , and mind you that has to go behind everything”
“We Jose , first at me , I ‘m needing urgent Super ! ”
” I ask Raul especially when the kicks , look as good as possible ”
” Rodrigo , listen to …. Am I late! “postit-4
” Germán , do it fast or slow as you want, but you get it right ”
” Don Jaime , look it is wide and long, so put it straighter so it is not anything out … okay? ”
” Marcelo :Do not forget to get it out all please! ”
The most recent , and it is causing major misunderstanding occurs when there are many jobs waiting .
“Luis , URGENT ” I can stick it in the middle without anyone knowing and get it out real quick ? ”
With the understanding that the examples provided are sufficiently clear , I reiterate to staff the need for greater clarity in the use of “post -it ” , at every opportunity to request photocopies.
The Manager .
PD . The truth that are very interesting Post-It Messages , and someone can interpret differently …..



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