5 octubre 2013 at 10:44 pm (Personal)

The principal of a school in Madrid , agreed to the mobile phone data of a student of 12 years , to see if there was sexual content video sent you a student who had taught .
With the invaluable help of the center’s computer was certain that it was.
After receiving the minor penalty proceedings , the boy’s father filed a complaint to the school for ” violation of the right to privacy , privacy and secret communications.” ( Send eggs ) .

First in a court in Madrid and soon after the Spanish Agency for Data Protection . The two have given reason to college.
So much for the facts that have led to a controversy among parents that their child with six or seven years and asks for a mobile ( if you call the office, or bag ) and guardians to consider an enormous stupidity that a child who is in the most important moment of your life , which is LEARN, will buy a mobile.Movil-2

Has anyone seen the statistics and suspense approved since ” these guys ” are handling the ” Wasap ” is impressive , clearly wrong .
They’re in the library , and do not stop the bullshit answer , which pass each other apart from ” buenorros uncles or aunts with big tits ” . Knowing this “science ” by a girl , I commented that what was going to the Library to waste time. She told me that if you did not answer the Tuits, ” was out of the move, comments and petty gossip and stayed with her . ( Send eggs , rather than take the time ) .

That is the principal, hit full , confirmed by the Court, that the students are in schools to study, and the inescapable responsibility standards are met is the director . In the streets and in the homes of their parents , that the child puts thousand hours watching videos and pictures , as they do constantly , which is better than studying , “they” say it’s a toadstool .

Parents get so modern , that the ” Nipper ” can not miss the phone because you have to call the Exchange, or perhaps the central market to price check on the crab .
Do not they learn anything or that or that when girls go on Saturday with her friends, that many ” say ” who stay at her friend’s house , nobody , or almost nobody looks at the bag or plastic bag to see that leads …
For costume changes in her friend’s house , or in the car or bus that takes them to a place of nightclubs until seven o’clock that bring them back. They would be dead many parents the “transformation ” of the girl.
Not hear , but yes , we have them with mobile ja.ja.ja.ja.ja.ja.ja.ja. controlled ….. –
Salu2 .
PD . Data collected at the news that the newspaper published in the country today by JAAunión
Thank you very much for everything. –



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