8 febrero 2013 at 9:36 pm (Denuncias)


It is approved in Japan, a revolutionary pilot scheme called “courageous change” (Futoji not Henko), based on educational programs: Erasmus, Graundtvig, Monnet, Ashoka and Cowenius.
It’s a conceptual shift that breaks all paradigms. It is so revolutionary that trains children as “global citizens”, not Japanese
In these schools, not worship the flag, the anthem is not sung, it boasts a history invented heroes. Students no longer believe that their country is superior to others simply because they were born there, and not go to war to defend the economic interests of powerful groups, disguised as “patriotism.”
Understand and accept different cultures and their horizons are global, not national. Imagine that change is taking place in one of the most traditional and sexist world.
The 12-year program, is based on concepts:
Zero-Zero patriotism fillers-Zero-Force and has only 5 subjects, which are:
1 – Arithmetic Business-Basic operations and business use of calculators.
2 – READING. – Begin reading a book daily sheet each child to choose and end up reading a book a week.
3 – CITIZENSHIP. – But understanding citizenship as full respect. A law, civil value of ethics, respect for the rules of coexistence, tolerance, altruism and respect for ecology.
4 – COMPUTER. – Office, Internet, networks, and religions: Japanese, American, Chinese and Spanish, with exchange visits to families of each country during the summer.
What will be the result of this program?
YOUNG AT 18. –
Speak 4 languages-cultures know 4-4 Alphabets and 4 Religions. –
They are experts in the use of computers-Leen 52 books each year. They respect the law, ecology and coexistence. Arithmetic handle business down pat.
Against them will compete our children and grandchildren?
And who are our children and grandchildren?
Guys who know more of the gossip of the Tv. Names of famous artists, but no story. CICOS who speak Spanish only or so, they have terrible spelling, they can not do sums of fractions, which are experts in “copy” during exams.
Guys who spend more time watching the stupidities of the Tv. That studying or reading, without understanding what they read.
Guys that are called homo-videos because they are stupid not socialize with the iPod, the Tablets, the Skate, the Blacberries, Facebook, chat, where often only speak of the same crap we list before .
Also with computer games, in stark isolation we know as autism and threaten freedom, education, self-esteem, respect for their parents or for others, solidarity, culture and promote selfishness alarming.
Article by: Francisco Javier Abad Velez
Dean of the Faculty of Business and Science Empresariales.UNISABANETA.
PD. –
You are absolutely right D. Francisco. They are very successful in their comments where a vast majority of young people, “are” in the Institutes and do not capitalize the knowledge for tomorrow, and now with the crisis so great that we have, is that other countries need people prepared to work on them, but they are not prepared, professional and idiomatically, and only those that are used the opportunity to learn at the time. As new technology is amazing, for instance, that at a meeting of friends around a beer, are almost all connected, mandándose Messages on each other just inches away, that’s called stupidity and large .



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