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There is a widespread perception in circles economic, financial, political and media (including academics) in this country that pensions in Spain are very generous and allow the elderly to have a poverty rates below those of the general population. This perception is wrong.
Let’s see the data. And the most striking is that, if not for public pensions for old age, 64% of the elderly in this country would be poor. Social Security is the most important anti-poverty program of Spain, even when not perceived as such. Hence his enormous popularity. Any government that has attempted and / or achieved a reduction of pensions, has paid a high political cost. However, attempts to reduce pensions (both its quantity per pensioner as the percentage of the elderly population covered by the public pension system) having continuous, during periods more liberal than conservative and progressive eras. In general, the right wing parties are more favorable to reduce pensions that leftist parties, even though we have seen leftist governments subject to international pressures, have done well.
An example was the delay of the retirement age from 65 to 67 years conducted by the Zapatero government, decision made in response to pressure from the ECB, European Commission and International Monetary Fund IMF, the “Troika “(now in Spain), which is the voice of financial capital (which includes banking,, the hedge funds, hedge funds in English-and insurance companies among others).
This Capital Financial is the largest political force (its influence on parties, on the media and the state is huge) favor reducing public pensions and their privatization, as public pension funds, are funds they manage in any country, the most money, making it a huge treat for banks and insurance companies, which represent the axes of such Financial Capital.
The latest OECD report (which also belongs to functionalized ultraliberal sensitivity) on pensions in countries such community members.
(Perspectives of pensions in OECD 2012) Explicit clearly a measure that governments should take urgent is the privatization of public pensions. Also with the characteristic ignorance of questionable data that make each of his assertions, the report repeats the arguments, which time and again have proven wrong by the evidence. This presents the argument that, according to his calculations, public pension expenditure in Spain will become 15% of GDP in 2050, which makes such unsustainable pension system, without explaining why it is unsustainable. Predictably, as now proposed reductions (see data showing the error of this assumption in endangered Are public pensions?.
The questions we all responses that always hidden. Vincente Navarro, Juan Torres and Alberto Garzón.attac.2010).
An identical position appears in the article by Guillermo de la Dehesa, the Country, “Pensions and International Solidarity” (12/14/12) Guillermo de la Dehesa is even more alarmist and predicts and predicts that by 2050, spending on pensions shall be 18% of GDP, which assumes that it is unsustainable, without clarifying why is unsustainable.
Look at how you look, pensions are low. When pensions are standardized working years, you can see that the purchasing power of pensions, misery reaching limits on non-contributory pensions. This is one of the causes of poverty among the elderly has been more rather than less than the rest of the population.
According to the OECD, during the years 2000-2010, the poverty rate among the elderly was 23%, a percentage greater than that between the general population (14%) and much higher than the poverty rate among elderly the average of OECD countries (14%).

Ls measures taken by the Government Rajoy, have not prevented the decrease in purchasing power of the elderly population due to increased prices (which is higher than the growth of pensions), affecting a very significant percentage, increasing it . A good hour, the huge increase in poverty among the general population occurred during the crisis, says the percentage of poverty among the elderly, which has remained very high, is lower now than the average result of the growth of poverty dramatic poverty in the nonelderly population.
This is the explanation of what is happening. Not that the situation among the elderly is improving, but the population of all other age groups is worsening dramatically.

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Vicente Navarro
Professor of Public Policy & Pompeu Fabra University Professor of Public Policy and The Johns Hopkins University.
PD. Extraordinary item clairvoyant explanatory and this gentleman professor who enlightens us exponentially where we want to take the financial, banking, insurance IMF OECD and the European Community. The pension is a huge cake that all these people would do real Borderías to get the most from this much money, we have been providing the workers, in my case, forty-seven years of contributions, with an imposition until the last day of work 23% of contribution and retired, 20%, resulted in euros approx. 500 Euros monthly.
This is a genuine outrage, greed, permanent urge to get us the savings, the good and the bad, making comparisons with neighboring European countries where their wages are higher, and they keep these individuals in jacket and tie, of climb, VAT, all taxes by the Central Government and if missing bit, municipalities with higher taxes stifle us, we had to make them disappear, of course.
These people of high European authorities, who have their members, extraordinary salaries, they care little or nothing to a creature copper 400 Euros, “for all”. This is a disgrace and a shame that this situation many people have committed suicide.



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