1 octubre 2012 at 10:54 pm (Denuncias)

Everyone knows where the problem ….. menossss

No longer can afford this level of corruption let alone running 17 regions as independent states, with all organisms multiplied by 17 to 17 meteorological services ombudsmen, with 200 embassies, 50 regional TV channels in loss, 30,000 cars public official or 4,000 companies employing 520,000 people, created specifically to hide debt and put family and friends without any control or oversight. Altogether, about 120,000 million, equivalent to 11.4% of GDP, are wasted annually in a system of nepotism, corruption and lack of transparency.
And this has to end, among other things, because there is no money. The latest data from known public accounts last week are chilling. The government deficit to July amounted to 4’62% of GDP, compared to a deficit of 3.5% committed to the EU for the year (6.3% including regions and municipalities). But what is really outrageous is that Spain is spending twice what you input. 101,000 million spending July compared to 52,000 million in revenue, and specifically to finance the waste of regions and municipalities, which are in no way committed to fiscal consolidation.

The deficit issue is something that borders on science fiction, and it illustrates perfectly the credibility of the last two governments of Spain. In November 2011, the government said the public deficit was 6% of GDP by the end of December, the new government said it had been deceived and that the deficit was more than 8%, and it took three months to calculate with accurately. In late March, said he definitely was 8.5%, and this was the number that was sent to Brussels. Two weeks later, the Madrid said his figures were wrong and the city of the capital …. and the deficit was 8.7%.

However, last week the INE said GDP in 2011 was overrated and, with the new figure, the deficit was 9.1%, two days later, Valencia said its deficit was more than 3,000 million, that is, we are at 9.4% and the other CCAA and 8120 municipalities have not yet corrected its figures for 2011. All we know is that they are all undervalued. The actual deficit for 2011 may be above 11%, and in 2012 they are spending twice what is entered. As the Government of Rajoy, “we are on the path of convergence”. ” And it’s true …. convergence towards Greece.
Clearly, the young Spanish democracy has still many deficits of representation and democracy that should interest Chancellor Merkel and also to Europe, if we want to avoid a fivefold Greece and save the euro. This is what has allowed massive waste of CSF, the allocation of those crazy, although aid has been a figure greater than the Marshall Plan for Europe.
It’s frustrating because this nepotistic and corrupt oligarchic system shatter talent and creativity and now many young people are forced to work outside, many in Germany. This situation has led to a distribution of wealth that is the most unfair of the OECD. The once strong middle class is being literally wiped Spanish.
IN SUMMARY: It is not a lack of willingness to work, and you think maybe in some northern European countries, making Spain suffers the worst economic crisis in its history. It is a corrupt and inefficient. The criticism of the German government and its conditions for a bailout of Spain should focus on solving these problems. Otherwise, just get an incompetent and corrupt political caste ruin the nation for several generations.

Article published in several newspapers written by the German economic correspondent Caudia STEFANIE MÜLLER and economist in Madrid.
PD. –
Dear Stefanie, your article is well, an impressive news coverage in such detail, almost no newspaper of our country has given us so much information in so little time. True, this policy we’ve been here is crazy oligarchic. We do not know how we’ll get out of this, but what is clear that we must “change” the rules urgently in our country, where the “skullduggery” crony, insider information and “balls” of all kinds have led to the ruin to all its inhabitants. At a political rally for many years, a speaker said to answer a question: “So degrasiaos, pa do you want to know much, if you do not know nothin ‘, you are more comfortable, they both know that ……”. So it goes. –


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