LAST NIGHT´S NIGHT.(Qué noche la de anoche).-

9 febrero 2012 at 11:17 pm (Chistes)

Lying here on the bed, his thoughts fixed on you. With a strong desire to grab you and squeeze you tightly in my hands, still excited by the memory of the night before.
In the warm and sultry night, I have uncontrollable urge to grab you and tell you everything that has me worried siento.Tu memory. You appeared …. and disappeared. It happened on that night and in bed.
With friction, approached me. Without showing any shame, I’ve hit my naked body. Sensing my indifference, you came more and more ….
Mordías my whole body …. No recatos … Killers …. I came back crazy. Do not know what to do. At last …. I fell asleep.
Today when I awoke, I looked desperately. In vain. Did not find you. No longer were.You were gone!
Throughout the sheet, had samples of what happened the night before.
In my body left unforgettable tracks. Deep marks that take a long time to heal and will be a long time present in me.
Tonight I go to bed early and you wait. When you get … do not want to imagine what will happen …. I abalanzaré over you with the ferocity of a lion and speed of a cobra.
And you will not go. You can not escape me. Apretujaré you to feel the blood in your body. Just so I can relax:
Mosquito motherfucker !!!!!



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